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North America, United States, Alaska, Alaska Range, Mount Prindle, Southeast Buttress, The Fleecing of America

Mount Prindle, Southeast Buttress, The Fleecing of America. As Eric Sloan and I drove north from Fairbanks the July rain got worse—a relief for me. The mere thought of humping an aid rack into Mount Prindle made my legs quiver. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the “trail-head” it had stopped raining, I had no excuses and the peak loomed large. The four-hour hike in felt like ten, but was far mellower than I was dreading. We ended up climbing six pitches total to the top of the main wall of the southeast buttress of Prindle. The route, The Fleecing of America, started in the back left side of the keyhole area and went in three days (we fixed, rappelled, and jugged) at 5.8 A2++.

Jeff apple Benowitz, unaffiliated