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North America, United States, California, Yosemite Valley Speed (as of November, 1996)

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  • Publication Year: 1997

Yosemite Valley Speed (as of November, 1996)

El Capitan

Mr Midwest (D. Bengston/S. Gerberding/Al Swanson. April, 1996): 21:00*

West Face (H. Florine/G. Murphy. October, 1996): 2:31*

Mirage (C. Anker/S. Gerberding/S. Stowe. June, 1996): 20:02*

Aquarian Wall (P. Coward/G. Murphy/S. Schneider. May, 1996): 23:18*

Muir Wall

(P. Coward/C. McNamara/G. Murphy. May, 1996): 28:18 (OS)

(H. Florine/C. McNamara. August, 1996): 23:29*

The Nose (A. Watkins/V. Wong. August, 1996): 16:30 (Women’s record)

New Dawn (D. Benegas/W. Benegas/J. Ogden. May, 1996): 22:30*


(D. Benegas/W. Benegas/C. McNamara. November, 1996.): 37:00

(D. Benegas/W Benegas/J. Ogden. November, 1996): 32:54

(H. Florine/C. Harrell/G. Murphy. Dates unknown.): 30:50*

North America Wall

(C. Anker/H. Florine/M. Melvin. July, 1996): 21:48* (OS)

(P. Coward/M. Melvin/G. Murphy. June, 1995): 29:25 (OS)

Iron Hawk (D. Bengston/S. Gerberding/S. Stowe. May, 1996): 33:50*

Lost In America (D. Bengston, S. Gerberding, S. Stowe. July, 1996): 26:55* Tangerine Trip (P. Coward/C. Harrell/G. Murphy. September, 1996): 28:22 (OS) Shield (H. Florine/G. Murphy. 1996): 18:05*

Zenyatta Mondatta (D. Benegas. July, 1995): 60:00 (Solo record)

Lunar Eclipse (D. Bengston/S. Gerberding/S. Stowe. August, 1996): 23:24* Zodiac (D. Benegas/W. Benegas. May, 1996): 13:00 (Time is car-to-car)

Half Dome

Direct Northwest Face

(Silvo Karo [SlovenianJ/Aishun Rupp [Swiss], August, 1996): 11:20*

(W. Benegas/V. Wong. October, 1996): 11:45 Regular Face (P. Coward/H. Florine. August, 1996):3:01 *

Washington Column

The Prow (W. Benegas/J. Ogden. April, 1995): 4:20

The Prow, Fastest Male/Female (D. Benegas, V. Wong. October, 1996): 5:35 Mideast Crisis (D. Benegas/W. Benegas/J. Ogden. September, 1996): 15:00 *Denotes record; OS=on-site.

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