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A.A.C., Oregon Section

A.A.C., Oregon Section. Beacon Rock has been a constant access issue during 1995. For part of the year the entire rock was closed due to nesting peregrine falcons. The East Face is still closed and under constant political pressure by Gary Rail, the Portland Rock Gym members, Tim Olson and Jim Yoder, Cindy Morgan of the Mazamas, the Beacon Rock Climbing Club and others. There is a disparity between opening the face to unlimited bolting and open climbing. A majority of the rock climbers and many sport climbers I've interviewed prefer Beacon Rock's East Face be opened to power drills one year after it is opened to free climbing. This may prevent an immediate over-bolting and allow for a scrutiny of bolts placed.

In spring the Oregon section worked with the Mazamas to promote the Reinhold Messner Presentation at Benson High School. Reinhold did a book signing at Oregon Mountain Community. It was a chance for climbers to get a first-hand interview with the great 8,000 meter master alpinist.

After a number of months of work, we acquired the Red Flag Over Tibet video and worked with David Breashears in promoting the film. Steve Straunch and I organized the Red Flag Over Tibet program shown at the Mazama Club House. Steve Straunch was unable to attend the final program due to his big wall climb of Phundya-dapda in the Annnapuna region.

Robert McGown, Chairman