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Asia, Pakistan, Istroronal, Southwest Ridge

Istoronal, Southwest Ridge. Reinhold Stauber led a nine-member Austrian expedition on the second ascent of Istoronal (7403 meters) via the southwest ridge, reaching the summit on July 19 at 10:15 a.m. The team experienced mixed climbing with the crux between Camp 1 (5400 meters) and Camp 2 (6400 meters) where fixed ropes were used due to loose rocks. The rest was mixed (55°). The expedition made Base Camp at 4500 meters, Camp 1 at 5400 meters, Camp 2 at 6200 meters, and Camp 3 at 7000 meters. Other members were Dr. Haymo Uhl, Hans Matweber, Guenther Pischelsberger, Karl Tortschanoff, Alois Stueckler and Mrs. Gudrun Stauber.

Asem Mustafa Awan, The Nation, Pakistan