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Asia, Pakistan, Broad Peak, Attempts, Ascents, and Tragedy

Broad Peak, Attempts, Ascents, and Tragedy. It was reported that 28 people reached the Main Summit of Broad Peak (8047 meters) this year, all but three via the standard West Face route. A Basque and South Korean team (Juanito Oiarzabel, Um Hong-Gil, Mari Abrego and Josema Casimiro) reached the top on July 12. A South Korean team of Lee Jeong-Hyun, Park Hyun-Jae and Park Sin-Young accompanied Abrego and Casimiro to the Main Summit. One of the Koreans who summitted on July 7, Park Hyun-Jae, was killed during the descent when he fell from 7900 meters to 7300 meters. He had been the youngest South Korean to climb Everest when he reached the summit on October 6, 1993, at age 25. (High Mountain Sports 157).