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South America, Argentina, Cordillera de Colanguil, Central Andes, Cerro Lavadero, First Ascent, and Subsidiary Summits

Cerro Lavadero, First Ascent, and Subsidiary Summits. On December 12, 1994, two groups (Italians Toni Mastellano, Franco Cremonese and two companions, Argentines Antonio Beorchia Nigris, Edgardo Yacante, Luis Gómez Crovetto, Gringo Aviedo, Pedro Rosell and Humberto Campodónico and baqueanos (guides) Carmelo Martínez and Aníbal Vegamet; and Swiss brothers Stephane and Raphel Joliat and André Weber) met in the Quebrada Seca del Lavadero. The Argentine-Italian group went to the Quebrada del Lavadero and camped at 4400 meters. On December 14 Campodónico and Rosell made the first ascent of Cerro Lavadero (6122 meters) and subsidiary peaks. On December 12, the Swiss ascended the Portezuelo de Fierro Viejo (4700 meters). On December 15 Weber and Stephane Joliat reached a subsidiary summit (6020 meters). Weber climbed solo the highest peak (6122 meters) and the other subsidiary summit.

Marcelo Scanu, Grupo Huamán, Argentina