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South America, Bolivia, Cordillera de Cocpata, Various Ascents

Cordillera de Cocpata, Various Ascents. This is the only Bolivian Andean chain east of the divide. I hitchhiked to the Ipilla hamlet, in the central part of the range. I then hiked up the Ipilla valley and on June 14 made an ascent of Cerro Llaja Cuchu Punta (4840 meters). A day later I ascended Cerro Pirhuata (5060 meters), highest in the entire range. Both summits had a cairn, probably erected by Quechua hillmen. I thereafter made in five days the circuit around the imposing massif of Jatuncasa (Herzog's Incachaca) and also attempted unclimbed P 4940, locally called Cerro Aisa Punta. Water was very scarce.

Evelio Echevarría