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North America, Greenland, Ascents in the Mount Forel Area

Ascents in the Mount Forel Area. Paul Walker and Tangent Expeditions made several climbs in the Mount Forel area. Walker flew his expedition in and out with a ski-mounted Twin Otter.

On the flight to retrieve the Walker expedition, Douglas Cooper's British Mount Forel Expedition was landed at the head of Avantgarden Glacier, just east of Mount Forel. The team consisted of Cooper, Claire Cooper, Jonathan Godson, Adam Hyne, Adam Hanlon and Jon Mayne. The group made climbs in the very remote region around Mount Forel, but failed to climb Forel due to the same difficult conditions experienced earlier this year. Their plan was to ski, by the traditional route, the approximately 180 kilometers to the fjord close to the settlement of Sermiligaq. On August 23, Adam Hyne was pulled backward by his sledge into a crevasse at the head of the Avantgarden Glacier. Hyne fell 20 feet and suffered a head injury and was unable to extricate himself from the crevasse. A protracted helicopter rescue ensued. On August 26 the whole team was flown to Tasiilaq and Hyne was admitted to the local hospital. Hyne was released two days later in good spirits.

Dan ChÁvez