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North America, Canada, Nunavut, Baffin Island, Mount Thor, Midgard Serpent

Mount Thor, Midgard Serpent. John Rzeczycki and I spent August 10 through 25 climbing a new line on the west face of Mount Thor in Auyuittuq Park, Baffin Island. The line we chose took us through the center of Thor's west face, avoiding the loose rock that hangs on the sides of this U-shaped face. One hundred fifteen rivets were placed to connect this discontinuous system, but we were not disappointed with the sport these features offered. The route, Midgard Serpent (VIA5), was named after a Norse legend of the great battle Ragnarok. In the battle Thor slew the great Midgard serpent only to perish in the lake of poison that spewed forth.

Brad Jarrett, unaffiliated