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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. Another active year, 1994 saw 4056 individuals participating in the club’s instructional courses and climbing outings. Many of the instructional courses were offered for University of Iowa academic credit. Membership of approximately 5100 remained about the same as last year.

The year began with a week-long cross-country skiing trip to Leadville, Colorado, led by Jim Ebert. Lodging near the summit of Tennessee Pass was an ideal location for over 80 miles of cross-country skiing from the cabin door including day trips to several 10th Mountain Division huts.

The club ran its third consecutive winter cross-country skiing and hiking trip from Jacob Lake on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim, covering 80 miles in 2½ days.

At Devils lake State Park, Wisconsin, 200 members were instructed in the basic skills of cross-country skiing. The intensive instruction also covered frostbite, hypothermia, avalanche awareness and building survival shelters. Wisconsin had its best winter snow cover in over 50 years. Throughout the spring and fall 900 members joined the club’s weekend rock-climbing courses at Devil’s Lake, while 2400 participated in the hiking courses. These instructional courses concluded with over 162 members from 12 states taking the one-week basic rock climbing course taught by Jim Ebert over 23 weeks during the spring, summer and fall.

In March, 40 members participated in the annual Grand Canyon hiking trip to the Havasu area. Twelve members were on the annual Devils Tower outing in June, with everyone making it up at least one or two routes. Over 440 members have now ascended Devil’s Tower by 10 different routes since the Iowa Mountaineers’ first group ascent in 1948 led by John Ebert. In July, trips were made to Rocky Mountain National Park with ascents of Hallet Peak by both Northcutt-Carter and Petit Grepon-South Face Routes. Ascents were also made in Wyoming of the Grand Teton and of Gannett and Fremont Peaks in the Wind Rivers.

Close to home, 2500 people attended the club’s seven-program 1993-94 Travelogue Series, the oldest travel adventure film series west of the Mississippi. On May 15, 60 members attended the club’s 54th Annual Banquet at the Amana Colonies.

In 1995 the club's schedule includes a three-week trip to climb Nevado Huascarán June 4-16 (or 24); a 10-day outing to the Canadian Rockies August 4-14 to ascend classic peaks along the Banff-Jaspar Highway; and five spring hiking trips to the Grand Canyon.

Jim Ebert, President