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Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. The D.M.C., with its unique history and long tradition of supporting rock climbing and mountaineering in the Dartmouth community in Hanover, NH, is one of the largest affiliate clubs within the Dartmouth Outing Club. It offers activities, safety and skills training, gear use and workshops to undergraduate, graduate and faculty members at Dartmouth.

General activities include: 1) weekly business meetings, which often include informal slide shows and skills workshops; 2) several rock climbing trips per term to surrounding areas such as Cannon, Cathedral, Rumney and the Gunks, or ice climbing at the Winslow cliffs, Huntington Ravine and other areas used for winter skills, training and mountaineering instructions; 3) beginner- intermediate/advanced climbing on campus buildings such as the Rumney Rock Barn, the Boston Rock Gym and the Jonathan Beiden Daniels Climbing Gym. In July and August, six undergraduates undertook a mountaineering expedition to Bolivia.

The opening of the Jonathan Beiden Daniels Climbing Gym on campus has provided a major facility for the D.M.C. Much of the funding for the gym. housed in a converted racquet-ball court, was provided by the Daniels family, whose son Jonathan, Dartmouth '86, was killed in a mountaineering accident.

Heather Halstead and Karim Hruska, Co-chairs