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Jill Claggett, 1957-1994



Jill Claggett was fatally injured in a climbing accident in Prescott, Arizona on October 11. She fell a little before noon while leading a climb in the Granite Dells. Only about 20 feet up when she fell, her last piece of protection pulled out, allowing her to hit the ground. She landed on her right shoulder blade and then her head struck the rock ledge behind her right ear. Other climbers and I provided first aid while awaiting the arrival of a litter.

She was then quickly evacuated by fellow climbers in the area, transported by ambulance to the regional medical center in Prescott and then by helicopter to the Intensive Care Unit at Barrows Neurological Institute at Sr. Joseph’s Medical Center in Phoenix.

At 11:45 P.M., after consultation with the three neurosurgeons at the hospital and family members, I directed that life support should be withdrawn. She died in my arms a little before midnight. She never regained consciousness after the accident.

Jill was a 37-year-old cancer survivor who loved to climb both rock and ice. She had recently summited Huayna Potosí in Bolivia with me. She is survived by me, her 16-year-old daughter Monique and other family members.

William N. Claggett