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Rock 'n Road: Rock Climbing Areas in North America

Rock ’n Road: Rock Climbing Areas in North America. Tim Toula. Chockstone Press, Evergreen, Colorado, 1994. $30.00.

Comment: This includes lists of climbing stores, guidebooks, gyms, guide services, boot repair outfits. This is either the world’s largest repository of climbing data or something that will prove essential for the peripatetic van-dwelling rock jock. Toula’s encyclopedic coverage of every single bouldering or climbing location yields 1) type of climbing, 2) geology, 3) cliff height, 4) quantity of climbs, 5) developed or not, 6) best season, 7) land ownership, 8) camping, 9) overall rating. Every state and Canadian province has a full-page road map, coded to all climbing areas.