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Asia, Western China, Yushu, Kunlun, Qinghai

Yushu, Kunlun, Qinghai. Yushu (5933 meters, 19,466 feet) is a sacred peak at 35°45'N, 93°41'E on the west side of the Kunlun Pass between Xining and Lhasa. We Japanese women, Sachiko Sawada, Haruyo Ichikawa, Haruko Tsujino and I as Japanese leader, were joined by three Chinese women, Wen Ying-Zian, Ma Zhan-Feng and Fan Yong-Nin, overall leader. We arrived at Base Camp on July 10 and after reconnaissance on the 11th and 12th, we all summited from the south on the 14th along with our interpreter, Qi Wang. We had thought the mountain was unclimbed but we found a triangular steel tower on the top, just as on neighboring Yuzhu. It is believed that the towers were constructed by an army survey crew.

Reiko Terasawa, Japan