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Asia, Pakistan, P 18,500, above Thalo Glacier, Hindu Raj, Chitral

P 18,500, above Thalo Glacier, Hindu Raj, Chitral. From the roadhead at Balim, Rich Davies, Rob Thomas, Steve Wrigley, Maggie Worth, Mike Morphen and I as leader walked for three days to arrive at our 12,000-foot Base Camp on Bashkargolo Chat (lake) on August 11. From a higher camp at 13,000 feet just below the snout of the Thalo Glacier, we explored the region. On August 15, from a camp at 16,200 feet, Wrigley and I climbed the west face of an 18,500-foot peak. Most of the 1500-foot route was on good ice up to 60°, but the top 200 feet were on extremely broken, loose rock. This region of easy access has several interesting objectives for a small group with limited time or funds.

David J. Wilson, Alpine Climbing Group