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Asia, Pakistan, Diran, North Ridge

Diran, North Ridge. Our 11-man expedition placed Base Camp on the Minipin Glacier at 3400 meters on June 11. We crossed the Minipin Glacier to the foot of the north ridge, establishing Camps I and II at 3800 and 4600 meters on June 14 and 20. Camps III and IV were set up on the north ridge at 5300 and 6100 meters on June 26 and July 1. On July 2 Jung Youn-Il, Jung Sung-Do, Park Eul-Gyu and Jeong Ean-Cheol climbed to the summit (7257 meters, 23,809 feet). On July 9, Park Sung-Man and I climbed to the top, accompanied by Jung Youn-Il, Jung Sung-Do, who summited for a second time.

Choi Mun-Hwan, Ulsan Mountain Club, South Korea