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Asia, India—Garhwal, Shivling Ascent and Attempts

Shivling Ascent and Attempts. A 6-member Indian expedition led by H.C. Chokshi climbed Shivling (6543 meters, 21,467 feet) in early June. The summiters included Rajesh Rana and several high-altitude porters. Unsuccessful were 3 Frenchmen led by Michel Pelle on the west ridge. After establishing Camp II, one member fell sick and returned. The climb was given up on August 9 at 5450 meters. A South Korean expedition led by In Hwan-Son established Camp II at 5300 meters on the north ridge on August 28. Very bad weather near the rock band stopped them in late August. Another South Korean team led by T.R Cheong tried the west ridge. They established Camp II at 5400 meters in mid July. However, the monsoon caught up with them and they gave up at 5800 meters. An Italo-Spanish expedition to Shivling and Bhagirathi III and a Spanish expedition to both Meru North and Shivling II are covered below.

Harish Kapadia, Editor, Himalayan Journal