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Asia, India—Garhwal, Indian Ascents and Attempts in Garhwal

Indian Ascents and Attempts in Garhwal. Two Indian expeditions successfully climbed Gangotri I (6672 meters, 21,890 feet). The leaders were Dr. Anjan Chowdhury and Debasish Kanji. Sisir Karmaker and Laxman Rana of the first party climbed to the summit on May 25. The second group placed climbers on the top on June 5. There were two successful expeditions to the Jogin group, one led by Vikram V. Jog and the other by Sobat Singh Rana. Both expeditions climbed Jogin I and III, the first on July 14 and the second on August 18. R.Z. Rana led a successful expedition that climbed Shri Kailas (6932 meters, 22,745 feet). R.Z. Rana, N.N. Rathwa and H.N. Pandya reached the summit. A team led by K.V. Mohan attempted to climb Trisul from the west. The 7-member team reached 6400 meters when they were forced to give up due to technical difficulties. An 11-member team led by Kiran Mukherjee was stopped 100 meters below the summit of Mandani on September 18 due to a huge crevasse. A team led by Suhas Kharde was trapped at 6900 meters by bad weather for a long period on Mana Northwest (7092 meters, 23,268 feet). In the spring, Shyamal Sarkar led a group on Chaukhamba I (7138 meters, 23,420 feet). They reached 6800 meters before giving up because of soft snow.

Harish Kapadia, Editor, Himalayan Journal