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Asia, Nepal, Hiunchuli Attempt, Annapurna Group

Hiunchuli Attempt, Annapurna Group. Slovenes Bojan Pockar, leader, Tadej Golob and Štefan Mlinaric visited Hiunchuli (6441 meters, 21,133 feet), hoping to climb the virgin 2000-meter southwest face. Not finding an easy approach, they moved over to the also unclimbed northeast face. After a period of unstable weather, a spell of sunshine on April 28 encouraged them to start the climb. The face proved very difficult. The first 300 vertical meters took them 14 hours (UIAA VI+, A1, 85°).On May 1, they made a second attempt, but the difficulties only increased and they quit, knowing the whole face would demand more very hard climbing.

Józef Nyka, Editor, Taternik, Poland