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Asia, Nepal, Cho Oyu from Nepal, Pre-Monsoon

Cho Oyu from Nepal, Pre-Monsoon. We established Base Camp south of the Nangpa La at 5200 meters on April 21. We crossed the Nangpa La and followed the Tichy route with camps at 5800, 6160 and 6850 meters on April 25, 28 and May 3. Camp III suffered wind damage on May 5. This, and apparent theft of food from Camp II on May 1 or 2, put a strain on resources. Camp III was reestablished on May 6 and a bare bivouac placed at 7300 meters on May 7. On May 8, leader Mal Duff (Scotland), Dave Horrex (England), José Delgado (Venezuela), Clive Jones (New Zealand) and Pasang Gombu Sherpa reached the summit. Further summit attempts were not carried out. Other members were Neil Lindsey, Geoff Pierce, David Holl, Joe Simpson from England and Rick Nowack and I from the USA.

Robert J. Secor