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Asia, Nepal, Baruntse in the Post-Monsoon

Baruntse in the Post-Monsoon. Baruntse (7129 meters, 23,389 feet) continues to be one of the most popular peaks in Nepal. In the autumn seven expeditions climbed or attempted the peak, all but one on the normal southeast ridge. The expeditions, leaders, dates and summiters follow: 4 Finns led by Sami Laitinen, summit on October 23 by Laitinen, Jukka Tarkkala; 10 French led by Yves Detry on October 25 by Philippe Genin, Pierre Chambon, Marc Bouissou, Nepalese Laxman Rai and on October 26 by Detry, Mlle Reine Mouhat, Gérard Vincent, Marc Dreyer; 1 South Tirolean (the leader) and 7 Germans led by Josef Holzer on October 26 by Stefan Markert; and 10 Austrians led by Karl Gabl on October 28 by Gabl, Herbert Alber, Reinhold Brunhumer. Günther Hafele, Frau Gertrud Hörschläger, Gilbert Hörschläger. Franz Kleinhans, Thomas Klimmer. Peter Schuler, Ulrich Walser. 5 American women, Georgie Powers, leader, Lynne Wolfe, Christine Lichtenfels Aileen Brew and Sue Miller first attempted the east ridge, where they were stopped on September 26 at 5800 meters, and then the southeast ridge, where their highpoint of 6800 meters was reached on October 3. Powers was a recipient of an American Alpine Club Climbing Fellowship (Vera Watson-Alison Chadwick Onyszkiewicz Fund) Grant. Also unsuccessful were 9 French climbers led by Daniel Zanarol, who got to 6800 meters on October 6 and 3 Greeks led by Nikolaos Nagitsis, who reached 6400 meters on October 3. Kami Tenzi Sherpa died of a heart attack on the trek to Base Camp on October 10, but he will not be included in statistics since he did no climbing.

Elizabeth Hawley