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Antarctica, More Information on the Ascent of Mount Vaughan

More Information on the Ascent of Mount Vaughan. In addition to the people named above, the party was also composed of Alejo Contreras Staeding, Robert Hart, Larry Engel and Peter Miller both from the National Geographic, Barry Berkus and me. Three camps were established in the two weeks we were on the mountain. On December 16, not only Vaughan, his wife, Tejas and Wiltsie reached the higher south summit at 3:50 A.M. local time, but also Staeding and the National Geographic team of Engel and Miller. Tejas and Wiltsie also climbed the north summit, some 250 meters distant. Later that day, Berkus, Hart, the Antarctic Network International airplane pilot Brian Cashin and I left Base Camp and, joined at Camp II by Staeding, who had returned there from the summit, climbed to the south summit, which we reached at seven P.M. We then all five climbed to the north summit and returned to Base Camp.

Robert Failing, M.D.