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South America, Argentina-Chilean Patagonia, Shipton Corridor Expedition, 1993-4

Shipton Corridor Expedition, 1993-4. Andrzej Makaram and I hoped to reach the Patagonian Icecap from the Soler Glacier. On December 21, 1993, we camped at 250 meters at the tongue of the glacier. After reconnaissance, we decided that the only way to get to the icecap was to traverse the southern slopes of Cerro Hyades. On January 2, we were on its south ridge at 1340 meters. Zigzagging between séracs and crevasses, we had established a new camp by January 7 under the cover of a rock wall at 1750 meters. The next day we carried loads to the edge of the icecap. Unfortunately, it stormed heavily for the next 48 hours. A meter and a half of snow collapsed the tent and wind tore it. A waterproof bag was destroyed and much of our food was ruined. We also lost rope and gear. We had to give up. We struggled back and left the glacier on

January 24.

Maciej KaroN, Rogozno, Poland