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North America, Greenland, Peaks above Pourquoi Pas Glacier

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  • Publication Year: 1995

Peaks above Pourquoi Pas Glacier, East Greenland. On June 23, Alan Jones, Graham Harkness, Andrew Howick, Sandra Gregson, John Starbuck, Paul Walker, Lucy Walker and I as leader were flown to the Pourqoi Pas Glacier, where we set up Base Camp at 66°49'N, 35°49'W. We climbed 14 peaks, of which 10 were first ascents. We operated from a series of four camps on the Pourquoi Pas and adjoining glaciers, using nordic skis and pulks for travel and transport of our gear. A few days were lost to storm conditions. We made the following ascents. The peaks on which were found cairns are marked by an asterisk (*). Heights are approximate, having been taken by altimeter or on estimates. The initials of those making the ascents are given. P 1500 (66°37'N, 35°43'W) via east ridge on July 25 by all; P 2200 (66°42'30"N, 35°50'W) via northwest ridge on July 28 by JG, PW, SG, LW, AH, JS and to forepeak by AJ, GH; P 2100 (66°43'N, 35°46'W) via north ridge on July 29 by all; P 2180 (66°43'N, 35°44'W) via northeast ridge on July 30 by all; P 2080 (66°43'N, 35°47'W) via east face on July 31 by JG, SG, PW, LW, AH; P 2000 (66°42'30"N, 35°53'W) via north flank on July 31 by AJ, GH, JS; P 2000 (66°42'30"N, 35°52'W) via north flank on July 31 by AJ, GH, JS; P 2090* (66°40'N, 35°34'W) (first ascent by two Swiss on August 9, 1966 given by a note in the cairn) on August 8 by JG, JS; P 1650 (66°41 'N, 35°32'W) via west ridge and south face on August 10 by JG, SG, PW, LW, JS, AH; P 2400* (66°40'N, 35°31 ' W) via west flank and northeast ridge on August 11 by JG, SG, AH, PW, LW, JS; P 2000 (66°39'N, 35°34'30"W) via northeast flank on August 11 by GH, AJ; P 1990 (66°39'30"N, 35°34'30"W) via east flank on August 11 by GH, AJ; P 2370* (66°40'N, 35°28'W) via north ridge on August 12 by JG, SG; P 1800* (66°38'N, 35°42'N) via north ridge on August 14 by JS, AH.

James Gregson, Alpine Club and Karabiner Mountaineering Club,

Manchester, England

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