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North America, Greenland, Staunings Alper

Staunings Alper. On May 9, Colin Wornham, Tim Pettifer, John Morrison, David Ritchie, Ian Blackwood, Stephen Deykin, Andy Hume and 1 were flown from Constable Point, Greenland to the Berserkerbrae Glacier at 1170 meters (24°06'N, 24°44'44"W). In the next 16 days, we made the following climbs: Dansketinde (2930 meters, 9613 feet) third ascent, from the north and via a new route, the southeast face; Hjornespids (2860 meters, 9383 feet) from the north via the Dansketinde col; C.F. Knox Tinde (2750 meters, 9022 feet) via a new route, the north spur; Tintagel (c. 1800 meters, 5906 feet) via a new route, the southwest ridge: Harlech (2040 meters, 6693 feet) via the south flank and the southeast ridge. The following mountains had no record of ascent and the names have been suggested to the Danish Polar Center: “Crossmyloof ’ (2000 meters, 6562 feet) via the south flank (next to Berserkerspire on the ridge on the north side of the Berserkerbrae connecting Berserkerspire and Tintagel); “Pardshaw Peak” (1840 meters, 6037 feet) via the south flank (between Tintagel and Crossmyloof): “Shirley’s Peak” (2400 meters, 7874 feet) from the Col Major (immediately south of the col). All members skied out to the coast, two by crossing from the Dunottar Glacier to the Skjodungbrae (probably the first crossing) and the others by descending to the mouth of the Skel. We spent the night at Mestersvig before the flight back on May 26. This was the third Scottish Mountaineering Club party to visit the area in the spring, a good time for travel and weather.

Ian Angell, Scottish Mountaineering Club