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North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Nunavut, "Sukaq Nasaq," "Mount Ise" and Attempts on Thor and Menhir

“Sukaq Nasaq,” “Mount Ise” and Attempts on Thor and Menhir. On July 22 and 23, Martin Krauer, Ansgar Haider, Dieter Stopper, Sabine Walter, Michael Roth and I climbed a peak behind Nanna Peak in the first side valley of the Fork Beard Glacier (5.l0b/c). We suggest the name of Sukaq Nasaq (“Sugar Hat”). It was a fantastic climb on the west face with very good cracks. We called the route “Thirteen Pieces of Candy.” On July 16, Haider and Walter climbed an unnamed peak on the left side of Summit Lake, for which we suggest the name of Mount Ise. On the south face there is a Y-shaped ice gully, which gave them an excellent 17-pitch climb of 50° to 70° ice. At the fork, they kept up the right arm. The climb took seven hours. On August 8 and 9, Krauer, Stopper, Walter and Haider attempted a climb on the left side of the west face of Thor, hoping to climb up the great shield. Because of bad weather, they did not complete the route. On July 5, Haider, Stopper, Roth and I climbed high on the southwest face of Menhir, possibly a different route from the Italian one. We had to quit before getting to the top because of a lot of snow and ice.

Peter Schaefer, Deutscher Alpenverein