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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, Logan Attempt

Logan Attempt. On June 13, Alan Plinz, Ian Bornarth, William Hunt, Kurt Dreibholz, Frank Shea, Russ Norton and I as leader were flown to 6200 feet on the Seward Glacier to attempt the Hummingbird Ridge. We set up Advance Base at 7800 feet on June 16 a quarter mile from the foot of the Osod Couloir, where we saw a predictable pattern of rockfall and avalanching. Climbing at night, mostly on snow with some mixed climbing, and hauling supplies, we reached our high point of 9600 feet on June 25. As we prepared for a final push to Camp I at 10,600 feet, several less experienced climbers succumbed to the difficulties that lay ahead. Halfway up the Osod Couloir, we saw signs of the original 1965 ascent, namely pitons and dacron rope.

Paul Netzband