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North America, Canada, Yukon Territory, Logan, Atlantic Peak, Badham and Donjek

Logan, Atlantic Peak, Badham and Donjek. A number of expeditions successfully climbed Mount Logan. The following completed the climb by the King Trench: Canadians Larry Dolecki, Myron Tetrault, Richard Peters and Stuart O’Connor climbed the mountain between May 20 and June 10; Canadians Karl Nagy, Steve Ludwig, Terry Olson, Helen Sovodat, Peter Donitz, American Rob Landis, Britons Conrad Dickinson and David Dunne between May 26 and June 13; French climbers Michel Thomain, Catherine Chevalier and François Renard between May 31 and June 16; Americans Chris Pilaro, David Lovejoy, Canadians Chris Sweland and Peter Carter between June 5 and 27. Unsuccessful on that route were Americans led by Brent Griffin, Americans led by Philip Peabody, Canadians led by Armin Hasenkox, Americans led by Bob Thompson and Americans led by Kam Ming Chan. The East Ridge of Logan was climbed to the main summit by the following: Canadians Tim Styles and Dan Davis between May 31 and June 21; Canadians Jeff Perron and Gary Millard between June 3 and 20; Americans Mahmoud Asefi, Rebecca Asefi and Rey Ramos between June 17 and July 20; to the east summit only: Canadians Jon Heshka and Geoff Vick between May 13 and 20; Canadians Karl Nagy and Helen Sovodat between June 14 and 21; Mexicans Alberto Ruiz and Jorge Fernández between May 30 and June 20. Unsuccessful on the east ridge were Americans led by Bill Mattison, Canadians and 1 Swiss led by Yves Martin, and Americans led by David Custer. Americans Wally Orr, Raymond Zirbulis and Keith Schumacher were turned back on the Independence Ridge of Logan on June 7 by an avalanche at 10,000 feet. The first ascent of Atlantic Peak (4879 meters, 16,008 feet), which lies close to Lucania, was made by Canadians John Chilton, Jim Condon and Richard Prokaska. An expedition led by Canadian Gordon Betania failed on this same mountain between May 13 and June 5. Mounts Badham and Donjek were ascended by Canadians Pat Egan, Paul Henstridge, Bob Jickling and Alan Jones between April 25 and May 6 and by Canadians Arno Springer, Ian Pineau, Jennifer Standiforth, Martin Berkman, Jill Pangman and Bruce McLean between May 14 and 29. Badham was ascended by Canadians Hayden Pritchard and Jeffrey Hewitt Between May 29 and June 5 and by Americans Geoff Scherer, Mark Makela and Christopher Hammel between June 14 and 26.

Andrew Lawrence, Park Warden, Kluane National Park Reserve