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Mount Logan Map, Research and Reference Folio

Mount Logan Map, Research and Reference Folio. G. Holds worth and B. Sawyer. Arctic Institute of North America, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary AB T2N 1N4, Canada, 1993. Two sheets 50cm x 66cm, printed in color on four sides of poster-grade paper. Price: Canadian $15 to $20 depending on affiliation.

This very valuable folio will be of great help to anyone hoping to visit this highest region of Canada. It contains the following: Side 1: Historical background, introduction and layout of the folio; ordering information; acknowledgements; two fine aerial photographs of Mount Logan by Washburn and Post. Side 2: Map of Logan, 1:75,000, in color, showing lines of major ascent routes, location of main research sites: part of a larger format map (see below). Side 3: Summary of scientific research (geology, glaciology, physiology, natural history). Breath taking color photograph of the southern aspect of the mountain, showing 4200 meters of relief. References are given for research and mountaineering activities. Side 4: Map of Mount Logan and vicinity, 1:100,000 with shaded contour relief.