K2 Attempt from the North

Asia, Chinese Karakoram
Climb Year: 2013. Publication Year: 1994.

Spaniard Basques Felix Iñurrategi and Alberto Inurrategi, Joseba Urkia, Fernando Uribesalgo, Jon Ander Loido and Xabier Zuniga attempted to climb K2 from the north but they were unable to get higher than 8000 meters. After a difficult approach with camels, they established Base Camp, Advance Base, and Camps I, II, III and IV at 4600, 4900, 5500, 6700, 7200 and 7900 meters on June 17, 22, 28, July 20, 30 and 31. They fixed 500 meters of rope between Advance Base and Camp I and 800 meters between Camps I and II. On August 1, they made a summit attempt, but dangerous deep snow made them quit at 8000 meters.