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Asia, Tibet, Cho Oyu from the North in the Pre-Monsoon Season

Cho Oyu from the North in the Pre-Monsoon Season. All ascents of Cho Oyu (8201 meters, 26,906 feet) were made by the first ascent route, first climbed by the Austrian Tichy in 1954. They were 7 Taiwanese led by Liang Ming-Pen, Summit reached on May 2 by Chiang Yung-Ta, Tsai Shang-Chih, Tenzing Sherpa, Ang Kami Lama and on May 4 by Miss Liang Chin-Mei, Liu Chi-Man, Pasang Lama; 3 Britons, 2 Argentines, 1 Norwegian, 1 Israeli led by Roger Mear, Summit reached on May 4 by Norwegian Eirik Tryti, Argentines Daniel Alessio, Mauricio Fernández, Briton Roger Mear; 6 Italians and 1 Spaniard led by Claudio Giorgis, Summit reached on May 4 by Italians Signorina Valentina Lauthier, Claudio Giorgis, Giorgio Sacco; 12 Swiss, 8 Austrians, 1 Swede led by Peter Stadler, Summit reached on May 5 by Swiss Peter Stadler, Arnold Würsch, on May 15 by Austrian Alois Neuhuber and on May 16 by Swiss Pierre-Yvan Guichard; 2 Swiss led by André Georges, Summit reached on May 7 by André Georges; 8 Germans and 2 Austrians led by Ernst Schwarzenlander, Summit reached on May 16 by Germans Michael Breuer, Franz Kühnhauser, Rodja Ratteit, Austrian Christian Gabl; 2 Swiss led by Aldo Verzaroli, Summit reached on May 16 by Aldo Verzaroli, Moreno Moreni.

Elizabeth Hawley