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Asia, Tibet, Shisha Pangma Central, Pre-Monsoon Ascents and Attempt

Shisha Pangma Central, Pre-Monsoon Ascents and Attempt. Three ascents were made to the central summit of Shisha Pangma before the monsoon by the normal route. None of the climbers continued on to the slightly higher main summit. A large expedition led by American Eric Simonson consisted of 28 Americans, five Australians, three New Zealanders, a Canadian and a Briton. On May 15, only American Ed Viesturs reached the central summit. Swiss André Georges made a solo ascent, which he completed on May 17. Ten Argentines were led by Héctor Cuiñas. Marcos Couch and Nicolás de la Cruz climbed to the central summit on May 22. An international group led by German Peter Kowalzik was composed of three Germans, two Swiss, an Austrian and an Italian. Only Kowalzik reached the high point of 7550 meters on May 12.

Elizabeth Hawley