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Asia, Southwestern China, Anyemaqen 5

Anyemaqen 5. Our expedition climbed what we believe was an untrodden summit in the Anyemaqen group, Anyemaqen 5 (6090 meters, 19,981 feet). Six university students placed Base Camp and Camps I and II at 4300, 4800 and 5200 meters on July 23, 28 and 31. Eight “old boys” joined us on August 3. Students Tomoyuki Masuda, Takashi Egawa, Kazuaki Imoto and Makoto Takayori started from Base Camp on a summit attempt on August 8, but were held up by bad weather, allowing “old boys” Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Masayuki Torii and Shigeru Okada to catch up. All seven reached the summit on August 12.

Isao Yoshida, Tottori University, Japan