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Asia, India—Garhwal, Ascents by Indian Expeditions in Himachal Pradesh

Ascents by Indian Expeditions in Himachal Pradesh. Chau Chau Kang Nilda II (6158 meters, 20,204 feet), above Langja village in Spiti, was climbed on September 14 by Amok Chatterji, Kishor Banerjee and Shyamal Pal. They were led by P.K. Barwan. Gangstang (6162 meters, 20,216 feet), near Keylong in Lahul, was ascended by Kaushik Das, Pallab Das, Saujit Klan, Jeet Ram Takur and Sanjay Ram Thakur. The leader was Narayan Chandra Paramik. Fluted Peak (6122 meters, 20,083 feet), near Losar in Spiti, was climbed on August 27 by leader Tarit Das, S. Dutta, Uttam Pujari and Laxman Karmarkar. An expedition led by Gopal Roy climbed P 6100 (20,013 feet), near Losar. Bhaskar Das, Nilotpal Roy and porter Chhering Paldan Bodh reached the top on August 30.

Harish Kapadia, Editor, Himalayan Journal