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Asia, India—Garhwal, Jogin I and III

Jogin I and III. An Indian expedition led by Animesh Bose climbed both of these peaks. Base Camp was set up at Kedar Tal at 15,500 feet on May 26. On May 31, Guha Neogy, P. Roy, S. Seal, Nima Tashi with porters Chandra Bahadur and Dorje Sherpa reached the summit of Jogin III (6116 meters, 20,065 feet) but could not continue because of sudden deterioration of the weather. On June 4, Guha Neogy, J.K. Roy, S. Seal and porter Dorje Sherpa first climbed Jogin I (6465 meters, 21,210 feet) and then went on to the summit of Jogin III.

Kamal K. Guha, Editor, Himavanta, India