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Asia, Nepal, Dhaulagiri in the Post-Monsoon

Dhaulagiri in the Post-Monsoon. There were six expeditions to Dhaulagiri, all on the normal northeast ridge. The expeditions are listed below with the make-up of the group, the leader, those who reached the summit and when: 3 French and 2 Swiss led by Benoît Chamoux: Chamoux on October 6; 6 Japanese led by Hirotaka Imamura: Masao Koseki, Ayumi Nozawai on October 6; 2 New Zealanders and 1 Finn led by Rob Hall: Finn Veikka Gustaffson on October 9 (for Gary Ball’s death, see below); 10 Latvians led by Tedors Kirsis: Kirsis, Ilgvars Pauls, Imants Zauls on October 10; 8 Belgians led by Theo Bollen: Jos Varmarsenille, Dawa Sherpa on October 11 ; 6 Japanese led by Masakatsu Nakamura: Seiichi Sekiya, Mingma Tshering Sherpa on October 11.

Elizabeth Hawley