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Asia, Nepal, Kang Guru

Kang Guru. A Japanese expedition led by Kiyoshi Washizu made the 14th ascent of Kang Guru (6981 meters, 22,904 feet) by the normal west ridge. They placed Base Camp, Advance Base, Camps I and II at 3800,4600,5600 and 6020 meters on March 25 and 30 and April 2 and 6. They fixed 13 pitches with rope above Camp II to reach the west ridge. On April 14, Masake Koike, Koichi Nagamori, Sarki Nurbu Lama Sherpa climbed to the summit, followed on the 16th by leader Washizu, Kazuhiko Ogawa, Eiichi Hitomi and Pasang Sherpa.

Elizabeth Hawley