Asia, Nepal, Manaslu Ascents, Tragedy and Attempts

Publication Year: 1994.

Manaslu Ascents, Tragedy and Attempts. An expedition of 11 Italians led by Paolo Paglino managed to put Silvio Modinelli on the summit via the south face on October 13. Austrian Josef Inhöger, leader of eight Austrians and two Germans, succeeded in getting to the summit solo on October 15 via the northeast face. A Russian party of eight led by Valeri Karpenko was also on the northeast face. On October 19, Vladimir Lopatnikov climbed to the summit, followed on the 21st by Igor Khmiliar and Mrs Ekaterina Ivanova. Tragically, two members of the group died: Khmiliar, who was blown off his feet on his summit day and fell, and Sergei Jadrichnikov, who was smothered in an avalanche on October 22. An expedition of five Germans and an Austrian led by Heinz Schauer was not able to get higher than 7300 meters on the northeast face, which they reached on October 6.

Elizabeth Hawley