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Asia, Nepal, Everest, Age Record and Himalayan Kingdoms Expedition

Everest, Age Record and Himalayan Kingdoms Expedition. Our international post-monsoon Himalayan Kingdoms Expedition via the South Col was led by Britons Stephen Bell assisted by Roger Mear and Martin Barnicott. On October 7, Britons Bell, Ginette Harrison, Graham Hoyland, Scott Mclver, Spaniard Ramón Blanco, who lives in Venezuela, Sherpas Na Temba, Pasang Kami and Dorje, and I from the United States reached the summit, followed on October 9 by Britons Barnicott, David Hempleman-Adams, American Lee Nobbman and Sherpas Tenzing, Nga Temba, Lhakpa Gelu and Ang Pasang. Ginette Harrison was the second British woman to climb Everest and Ramón Blanco at 60 years of age became the oldest person to stand on the summit. He was five years older than American Dick Bass had been when in 1985 he had set the age record. We had originally planned to attempt the summit as a single team, but an enormous avalanche on the Lhotse Face wiped Camp III at 24,000 feet off the mountain. The loss of tents and gear necessitated dividing the group for two attempts.

Gary Pfisterer