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Antarctica, Vinson Variant, 1992

Vinson Variant, 1992. André Hokke and I landed at Patriot Hill on December 11,1992 and flew to the base of the Vinson Massif on the Branscomb Glacier together with New Zealand guides Hall and Ball with their three clients. Taking advantage of good weather, both teams left separately for the climb alpine-style the same day. We got to Camp II at 2800 meters in seven hours. The next day we camped at 3900 meters and on December 14, 1992, we reached the summit. We two took the Chilean variant on the last part. Instead of the direct route to the summit, we chose the technically more interesting summit ridge to the left, ascending from east to west. The Hall-and-Ball party reached the summit two hours after us.

Edward Bekker, Valkenburg Alpine Friends, Netherlands