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South America, Argentine-Chilean Patagonia, P 1980, Above Jorge Montt Glacier, 1992

P 1980, Above Jorge Montt Glacier, 1992. In August 1992, Gianni Rovedatti, Maurizio Folini, Dario Mura and I hoped to make a north-south traverse of the Northern Patagonian Icecap, starting up the Jorge Montt Glacier. Ten days of continuous bad weather and deep snow halted us at the beginning. We had planned to go light and would have had to keep to a tight schedule. It became obvious we could not complete the traverse. In the only three days of good weather, we ascended an unclimbed peak of 1980 meters (6496 feet) at 48°21'17"S, 73°34'78"W. The east-northeast ridge was very long, sometimes dangerous, but not difficult. It took us two days in very deep snow. We suggest it be called Cerro Valtellina.

Giuseppe Miotti, Club Alpino Italiano