South America, Argentine-Chilean Patagonia, Southern Patagonian Icecap

Publication Year: 1994.

Southern Patagonian Icecap. Italians Ermanno Salvaterra, Adriano Cavallaro, Diego Giovanella, Gianni Berta and Enrico Marazzi went north from Paso Marconi, on skis pulling sleds, heading for the Glaciar Jorge Montt (the place from which those trying to complete the north-south traverse leave). After reaching that northern point, they backtracked south. Marazzi and Berta left them after they returned to the Paso Marconi, but the others kept on to leave the icecap down the Glaciar Spegazzini to emerge on the Brazo Spegazzini on Lago Argentino. They made this journey from October 16 to 27. They traveled super-light, starting with only 40 kilograms each. They averaged 50 kilometers per day.

Omar Moscoso, Editor, Escalando, Argentina