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New Altitudes for Peaks Above the Southern Patagonian Icecap South of Fitz Roy or Chaltén

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  • Publication Year: 1994

New Altitudes for Peaks Above the Southern Patagonian Icecap South of Fitz Roy or Chaltén. New and very accurate maps of this region at a scale of 1:100,000 have recently been released by the Instituto Geográfico Militar Argentino. The maps may be purchased without restrictions. Altitudes from these follow. Hoja (Sheet) Glaciar Viedma 4972-25 and 4975-30 Provincia de Santa Cruz: Huemul (2677m, 8783 ft), Murallón de Viedma (2319m, 7608 ft), Dos Cuernos (3074m, 10,085 ft), General Heibling (2516m, 8255 ft), Padre de Agostini (2487m, 8159 ft), Gemelos Blancos (2127m, 6978 ft), Witte (2095m, 6873 ft), Kolliker (2042m, 6699 ft), Mascarello (2342m, 7684 ft), Cordón Fuerza Aérea Argentina (2459m, 8068 ft), Dos Cumbres (3049m, 10,003 ft); Hoja Glaciar Upsala 4972-31 and 4975-36 Provincia de Santa Cruz: Don Bosco (2420m, 7940 ft), Murallón (2656m, 8714 ft), Agassiz (3180m, 10,433 ft), Torino (2440m, 8005 ft), Moyano (2615m, 8579 ft), Meson (2458m, 8064 ft), Norte (2730m, 8957 ft), Bertachi (2612m, 8570 ft), Cono (2440m, 8005 ft), Cristal (2105m, 6906 ft), Belvedere or Bella Vista (2065m, 6775 ft), Pfister (2002m, 6568 ft); Hoja Península Avellaneda 5172-1 and 5175-6 Provincia de Santa Cruz: Bolados (2544m, 8346 ft), Onelli Norte (2420m, 7940 ft), Onelli Central (2620m, 8596 ft), Onelli Sur (2493m, 8179 ft), Don Sixto (2332m, 7651 ft), Cruz del Sur (2454m, 8051 ft), Cordón Heim (2669m, 8757 ft), Spegazzini Norte (2420m, 7940 ft), Spegazzini Sur (2100m, 6890 ft), Inmaculado (2343m, 7687 ft), Peineta (2068m, 6785 ft); Hoja Glaciar Perito Moreno 5172-7 Provincia de Santa Cruz: Mayo (2380m, 7808 ft), Paredón (2165m, 7103 ft), Cuerno (2265m, 7431 ft), Pietrobelli (2950m, 9679 ft), Cervantes (2380m, 7808 ft), Teniente Feilberg (2510m, 8235 ft), Gardener (2400m, 7874 ft), Cacique Casimiro (2115m, 6939 ft), Cerro Glaciar Seis (2019m, 6624 ft), Fantasma (1917m, 6289 ft), Blanco (1916m, 6286 ft), Fisura (1784m, 5853 ft), Catedral (1684m, 5525 ft), Lechuza (1620m, 5315 ft), Dos Picos (2053m, 6736 ft), Moreno (1640m, 5381 ft), Adriana (2005m, 6578 ft).

Marcelo Scanu, Grupo de Montaña Huamán, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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