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  • Publication Year: 1994

New Altitudes in the Pissis-Bonete-Ojos del Salado Region. New altitudes have been published by the Instituto Geográfico Militar Argentino now that the Argentine-Chilean border controversy has been settled. The new map (Carta Topográfica Fiambalá Hoja 2769-IV y III, Provincias de Catamarca y La Rioja, 1:250,000) shows the new border. There are errors in the names of some mountains, which I note below. P 5891 (Cerro Peñas Azules) (5891m) (The Caldera del Inca is here called Laguna Caldera del Inca Pillo); Cerro Cenizo (5227m); Cerro Reclus (6335m); the badly named Cerro Bonete Grande (5943m); Cerro Nacimiento del Jagüé (5824m); Monte Pissis (6882m); Cerro Vidal Gormaz (5470m); Cerro Negro de la Laguna Verde (5764m); Cerro de la Coipa (5134m); Cerro del Matambre (5467m); Cerro Dos Hermanos, north summit (5530m); Cerro Aguas Calientes (5517m) (erroneously called here Morro Rasguido); Cerro Nacimiento (6436m) (erroneously called Cerro Bayo, which really lies to the south); Cerro de los Patos or Tres Quebradas (6239m); Cerro Ojos de las Lozas (5305m); Volcán Rojo (4861m); Volcán Negro (5373m); Cerro Incahuasi (6638m); Cerro El Fraile (6068m); P 5922 (Cerro Gendarme Argentino) (5922m); Cerro El Muerto (6488m); Cerro Walther Penck (6658m) (erroneously called Cerro Nacimiento, which is really south of this peak); Cerro Solo (6205m); Cerro Tres Cruces (6749m); Cerro Puntiagudo y Lamas (5980m). All of these errors in the names of mountains do not appear in the old 1:500,000 map of the region, also produced by the Instituto Geográfico Militar Argentino nor in the map of Claudio Bravo of the Club Andino Tucumán.

Marcelo Scanu, Grupo de Montaña Huamán, Buenos Aires

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