South America, Ecuador, Cerros de Llanganti Traverse

Publication Year: 1994.

Cerros de Llanganati Traverse. Luis Durand, Jorge Pérez and I headed in January for the Cerros de Llanganati, a row of rock peaks in eastern Ecuador. Its highest point, Cerro Hermoso, had been climbed a few times and several of the peaks had been traversed. On January 20, we ascended P2 (4370 meters), traversed north over P3 and P4 (both 4380 meters) and climbed Cerro Hermoso (4450 meters). The altitudes given were made by aneroid barometer; if the official altitude for Cerro Hermoso of 4639 meters (15,220 feet) is correct, our other figures should be raised proportionately. Eduardo Ruiz, Jorge Perez and I returned in October, using the new Tena-Lake Agrio road to approach, and on the 14th to climb, the Volcán Sumaco (3732 meters, 12,244 feet).

Jose Martinez, Club Iberia, Madrid, Spain