The Mountaineers

Publication Year: 1994.

GunnbjØrnsfjeld Ascent and Altitudes. In May, I guided Steve Fossett, Steve Elliot and Brian Ewart up GunnbjØrnsfjeld, thought to be the highest peak in Greenland and the Arctic, as well as two nearby peaks, the second and third highest. We carried GPS equipment all the way, leaving one in Base Camp on a timer and hauling the other to each of the summits. From all three, we got significant simultaneous data through six to nine satellites. On our last day, we took simultaneous readings from our two Base Camps. The Danish Place Names Commission has used our data to establish exact heights: GunnbjØrnsfjeld = 3693 meters (12,116 feet); Qaqqaq Kershaw = 3682 meters (12,080 feet); “Cone” = 3669 meters (12,037 feet). The old unofficial name for Peak N° 2 was “Dome.” We suggested to the Names Commission that it be named for Giles Kershaw. They have officially accepted Qaqqaq (Mount) Kershaw.

Skip Horner