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North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic, Climbs in Auyuittuq National Park, Cumberland Peninsula

Climbs in Auyuittuq National Park, Cumberland Peninsula. In June, Germans Frank Jourdan and Wilhelm Alfred attempted two climbs both of which were turned back before they reached the summit by extremely cold snowstorms. They climbed 11 pitches on Mount Tyr and 14 pitches on Mount Breidablik. On August 5 and 6, Americans John Barbella, Kurt Roy, Alan Bills, Steve Hopkins and Dave Oakley climbed Mount Thor by its south ridge. In early August, Doug Cairns and Dan Cousins climbed Mount Bilbo by the northwest ridge in 14 pitches on rock, five hours up from the Nerutusoq Glacier (IV, 5.7, 45° snow and ice). They felt this was a fine, safe route with sun and good rock. They then climbed Mount Sigurd by the southeast ridge, 3000 feet of rock, four hours up from the Tuppermit Glacier (III, 5.4). They made a scary descent of the southeast ridge to a steep gully with loose rock. They did not recommend the route.

Sakiasiel Sowdlooapik, Auyuittuq National Park