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North America, United States, Utah, Moab Area

Moab Area. Across from the Bride Tower, The Dowry (5.9, A3) route was put up by Mike Baker and Leslie Henderson. In Hell Roaring Canyon near the Green River and west of Moab, Moaner Lisa was climbed at 5.12a by Kyle Copeland, Eric Johnson, Lisa Hathaway and Linus Platt. In the popular Long Canyon down river from Moab, three new routes were climbed: Anaconda, on the Reptilian Wall of the upper canyon, by Platt and Dave Dawson (5.12b); Boot Hill, on Maverick Buttress just right of Tequila Sunrise by Jim Dunn and Platt (5.12b); and Made in the Shade, five miles up Long Canyon across from the lone cottonwood trees by Mike Klein, Bob Novellino and John Rosholt (5.10, Al). At Wall Street along the Potash Road, numerous new lines were established on the new Kane Creek Boulevard Cirque of the Climbables Wingate walls. Significant new routes are Deep Voodoo (III, 5.7, A3) by Charlie Fowler, Peter Verchiek, Novellino; Kane Cutter (5.10, A3+) by Keith Reynolds, Kevin Chase; Learning Experience (5.8, A2) by Vierchiek, Chase; Sugar Walls (5.9, A2) by Chase, Verchiek; Playing Hookey (IV, 5.10+, A2) by Dunn, Fowler, Verchiek, Chase; Middle Tombstone (5.11, A2), 500 feet in 6 pitches, by Dunn, Betsy McKittrick, Fowler, Verchiek, Chase; The Farm (5.11a) by Copeland, Darryl Miller; Dark Star (5.11) by Marc Hirt, Platt; Cane Cutter (5.10+) by Reynolds, Chase. In the popular Fisher Towers east of Moab, Reynolds and Matt Laggis made the second ascent of Jim Beyer’s King Fisher route, spending eight hours on the crux pitch. A sling from a previous second-ascent attempt was discovered 80 feet up.

Eric Bjørnstad