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Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. 1992 was an excellent year for the education and incorporation of new members into the Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. The winter was not spent entirely by the fireside: the club sponsored two educational trips, acclimatizing freshmen to the New England ice and snow and teaching the basics of ice climbing and winter mountaineering.

As the snow began to give way to warmer weather, eyes turned to rock again. Led by Keith Rainville, ten members made the long drive West to enjoy a spring-break filled with sunny skies, unfamiliar sandstone and crack climbing that made even the most experienced granite face climber beg for positive holds. Included were climbs at Colorado National Monument, the Canyonlands area and Castleton Tower.

With the return of the Southwest pilgrims came the start of spring term and the return of Dartmouth Climbing School. Thanks to the many members who donated time every week, 20 people took part in the eight-week course for beginners. A more advanced seminar was also offered on anchors, teaching and basic rescue techniques.

Throughout spring, summer and fall, day and weekend trips were made to the climbing areas of New England, and beginners were offered one-day introductions to climbing. The D.M.C. continued its support of the freshman trips program and offered trips which took first-year students backpacking and climbing in the Franconia Notch area prior to the start of their education at Dartmouth College. Many people took advantage of the classes and seminars given througout the year by Dartmouth’s Office of Outdoor Programs on rock climbing, winter mountaineering and back-country medicine.

Chris Carson, Co-President