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Asia, CIS—Caucasus and Pamirs, Elbrus and Pik Korzhenevskoy

Elbrus and Pik Korzhenevskoy. On June 12 and 18,1 climbed to the summits of Elbrus East (5621 meters, 18,442 feet) and Elbrus West (5642 meters, 18,510 feet) in the Caucasus. I was informed that I was the first American woman to ski from the summit of Elbrus East to Kara Bashi at 3700 meters. In the Pamirs, because of high avalanche danger on Pik Kommunizma, we turned to Pik Korzhenevskoy. Russians Evgeni Prilepa, Sergei Efimov and Sergei Arsentiev, German Karl Heinz and I climbed alpine-style, making three camps, and on July 25 reached the summit (7105 meters, 23,310 feet).

Fran Distefano, Trek Around the World